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Your Mission is Our Mission

At American Trust Wealth, being a fiduciary is the very cornerstone of our foundation.

What that means for your institution is that you will always receive the highest standard of care in the industry. It means you can count on us to put your organization first by always doing what’s in your best interest. We are here to help you on the journey to achieve your mission.

Certified for Best Practices

Recognized globally for its fiduciary oversight process, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) has certified American Trust Wealth accounts as meeting its highest standard of Fiduciary Practices for Investment Advisors

A Higher Standard

Many financial institutions tend to avoid fiduciary status to reduce liability and even increase profit. We’re different. We see being a fiduciary, a legal duty, as an opportunity to better serve our clients.

Every Dollar Counts

Any revenue-sharing payments we receive from fund companies are passed back to your organization in full, providing a direct offset to your fees. This helps ensure that investment selections are always made in your institution’s best interest, not ours.

Our Approach


We offer comprehensive investment management, advisor and fiduciary services. A prudent process can make your mission possible. Managing a foundation or endowment requires a balance of short- and long-term planning, daily operations, and active investment oversight, all within a fiduciary-compliant manner. We implement effective procedures and prudent policies to help make your mission a reality. Learn how non-profit organizations can meet their investment goals while minimizing risk.

Investment Strategy

Your institution’s investments may change, but these core philosophies will always be present in the strategy.

Asset Quality
Low Costs
Managing Downside Risks
Open Architecture
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Allocating savings across investment categories can help lower your risk.

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Asset Quality


High-quality assets with better historical track records can provide stability.

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Low Costs

Keeping costs under control can have a positive impact over the long term.

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Managing Downside Risks


Investment management for your risk capacity and tolerance.

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Open Architecture


Unconflicted and extensive investment option availability.

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American Trust Fiduciary Monitoring Index℠ (ATFMI℠)


Provides a balanced long-term evaluation of each investment relative to its peers.

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Whether you have a question you’d like us to answer or a brilliant idea you’re ready to share, the team at American Trust Wealth is here to listen. When you become a part of the American Trust Wealth family, you’ll discover what our current clients already know: Fiduciary responsibility is not just a phrase in our brochure, it is our number one priority.