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Managing Retirement Risks

Whether you want to travel the world or stay close to home, your retirement should be exactly what you want it to be. The Unified IncomePlan® is designed with one important goal in mind: managing your finances to keep you on track for a successful retirement.

Retirement Risks

Retirees face three main risks in retirement. The Unified IncomePlan addresses these three risks so you can have peace of mind knowing you have a reliable income for life.

  • Sequence Risk: The risk of retiring at a time when the markets turn against you and the likelihood of experiencing negative returns at the beginning of retirement increases.
  • Inflation Risk: The risk that you’re not building enough growth potential in your underlying investments to guard against future inflation. Addressing inflation risk is important for protecting your purchasing power.
  • Longevity Risk: The risk that a retiree will outlive his or her money. This is one of the most common fears among retirees today.
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The Right Portfolio


The Unified IncomePlan places your investments into three portfolios, each of which addresses a specific retirement risk.

The Safe Income Portfolio

The Safe Income Portfolio holds approximately two (or more) years’ worth of spending needs in money market and fixed income funds. Just like a paycheck, funds are withdrawn monthly and sent directly to your checking account.

The Balanced Growth Portfolio

The Balanced Growth Portfolio holds the bulk of the investment portfolio in a balanced mix of stocks and bonds. The investments are structured to grow over time and protect your purchasing power. The mix of stocks and bonds will become more conservative over time.

The Longevity Portfolio

Investments in the Longevity Portfolio are structured to grow over time and to be the source for guaranteed income in the future if needed. If you run the risk of outliving your resources, the funds in the Longevity Portfolio can be used to purchase a variable annuity offering Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits (GWLB) to provide reliable, secure income for life.


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To keep your plan well-funded for your goals and challenges ahead, professional investment management is essential.

Your team of investment and retirement experts at American Trust Wealth will be with you along the way helping you achieve retirement success.

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