Managed Rollovers

Keep your retirement plan savings working for you.

Planning for retirement is often a sophisticated, long-term process that may span decades, multiple employers and various lifestyle changes. The American Trust Managed Rollover Solution helps you keep your retirement savings growing while still protecting your tax-deferred status. Unlike many traditional rollover products, the Managed Rollover Solution includes an important financial planning overlay to personalize the experience to your specific situation, goal, and time horizon.

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Automatic Rollover & Missing Participant IRA Services

Relieving our current clients’ burdens from abandoned retirement accounts is why the American Trust Custody Auto Rollover IRA Solution was developed.

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Abandoned Retirement Plan Service

Employers sometimes become either unable or unwilling to continue a 401(k) plan — a major predicament for employees trying to access their funds and a financial and fiduciary headache for benefit administrators.

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Outsourced IRA Administration

With multiple levels of administrative support – each designed around your current needs for administrative functions like tax and compliance reporting, distributions and investment selection – American Trust Custody has the outsourced solution that is right for you.

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